I just landed and I’m already in trouble!

I finally landed in Trinidad at 9:30pm, go through immigration then on to customs. Lines are short, I’m happy that I’ll be getting out of there soon and then it happened. I’m standing in line waiting for a customs official when a lady asks if I’m in the military. I say ‘no’ and she tells me that camouflage is illegal here.  So here I am in camo pants and a camo backpack. Oh this is just GREAT!  Sure enough I’m told to go into another line to find out my fate.

Nowhere did I ever read anything about this.  I explain that I’m going to be here for literally 6 hours before flying to Guyana. They were nice enough to let me change into something else, which I gladly did. I come back out and now they have to do something about my pack. The guy got me a bag to put over it thankfully. They had confiscated a few camo items from others and kept them. So I suppose I was lucky. 

I’ll be really surprised if its illegal in Guyana since I never heard anything about it. However, I did turn the pack inside out and will hope for the best.  My b&b is 3 minutes from the airport and I have to get up at 4am. This will be the last of the air conditioning so I’m going to bask in it for as long as possible!