My Luck is Changing!!

** Please note this is the last post of my Guyana blog. There will be no future updates. Thanks for reading it!!

I waited in Trinidad for my flight to Houston to leave. I had paid an extra $40 so I could sit in the bulkhead and get extra leg room. I did this on the way down and had nobody in the seats next to me. I was one of the last to board and had the same seat like last time. A guy sat by the window and me in the isle.

A few minutes later, someone else boarded and was confused with my seat and his. He thought he was supposed to be in mine but then looked across the isle and saw that the other three seats were occupied. A man said that he indeed was in this guys seat but he wanted to sit with his family. He had bought a seat in first class and offered it to the guy who didn’t seem impressed. A man standing behind him said he would gladly switch with him. The displaced man stood there not liking any of the choices and I tugged on his shirt and said, “do you want my seat?!”, more than happy to sit in first class. Amazingly, he agreed saying he liked my seat so I jumped on the chance and moved up to first class!! Wow like when does THAT ever happen? It’s been over 20 years since I have had this kind of opportunity!

We were served breakfast…oh and fresh squeezed orange juice which was awesome. I ate French toast with ham and warm pineapple. A croissant was presented to me which I jumped on as well, slathering it down with butter and jam. A bowl of fruit including sweet red watermelon and other large chunks of juicy goodness went down just fine. This is the best thing I’ve eaten in two weeks! I’m waiting a while before I indulge in the free adult beverages.

After it was all said and done, getting home from Karanambu took a truck, a boat, a Land Rover, a tiny plane, two taxi’s, a huge plane, two car rides, two more planes and a taxi. Man, it’s good to be back.